Concept Packaging

Below is a range of ideas for future gift pack ideas.

First set of images are Fold Flat Gift Sets made with carton board

Packs predominantly made in the UK, supplied flat and assembled at product fulfillment stage.

Main advantages compared to rigid board gift sets – no shipping times – higher quality of print on board – board fitments rather than plastic – cost efficient through the supply chain – shorter lead times. Lots of variations on a theme available.

Creative packaging

In terms of different ideas with carton board there are a wide range of directions we can travel in such as below. Most of these have multiple variations so if there is a shape or style you want to explore we can work options around it. Also included are some round self erect cartons and unique shapes that change from hex to round. These here are cartons not tubes and are cost effective options. The exception being the Harrods biscuits in the first image.